• Are you struggling with an aging parent’s changing needs?
  • Do you need a quarterback to manage your team of medical specialists?
  • Could you use a navigator to help you find caregiver solutions?

Our care coordination services are designed to help individuals and families manage care and communication needs. Working with a navigator will help you master the learning curve, find solutions and become your own best advocate.

How does this work?

We begin with a thorough intake consultation to assess your situation and establish goals.

We then propose and implement solutions to your achieve those goals. For example, we can…

  • Research hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and nursing homes.
  • Equip you to understand and manage medical bureaucracies.
  • Mobilize caregiving resources.
  • Find community-based resources that may be available to you.
  • Accompany you to doctor visits (in some areas) and coordinate timely information sharing between your healthcare providers.
  • Communicate with family members on your behalf.

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* Patient Navigator LLC does not diagnose, treat clients or recommend a treatment plan. We are not a substitute for the consultation and care of doctors and other health care providers. We provide you with research and information to use with your doctors. Always check with your health care team before making medical decisions.