• Do you have a complex medical situation or a “medical mystery?”
  • Have been shuttled between specialists who don’t listen to you, speak to each other, research your problems or diagnose you properly?
  • Are you frustrated, confused or do you want more information and options?

Our clinical advocacy services are designed for individuals like you whose situations are unique and require more attention and research than physicians can usually provide.

You will work one-on-one with our Medical Director Karen Zorrilla, M.D.; our Director of Research, Dave Schlosser; and other navigators as needed.

How does this work?

We begin with a thorough intake consultation to assess your situation and establish goals.

We then use various methodologies to develop your personal plan. For example, we will…

  •  Review in detail your medical and medication records.
  • Research your symptoms to find answers or to evaluate other possibilities
  • Prepare detailed, annotated clinical summaries for use with your doctors. These summaries capture in one document what might otherwise be buried in hundreds of pages of medical records.
  • Conduct medical literature searches that provide you with an individual, well-sourced research report to help you understand your condition and assess your options.
  • Communicate with physicians, researchers or institutions anywhere in the world that may be able to help.
  • Help you get appointments with doctors you would like to see.

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Ready to get started? Contact us for a complimentary, 10-minute consultation.

* Patient Navigator LLC does not diagnose, treat clients or recommend a treatment plan. We are not a substitute for the consultation and care of doctors and other health care providers. We provide you with research and information to use with your doctors. Always check with your health care team before making medical decisions.