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Navigation Services

Your personal navigator works with you to solve problems, conquer the medical maze and get you on the road to recovery.  A navigator can help when you or a loved one have been recently diagnosed with a serious illness and you need good information quickly.  A navigator can help when you have been shuttled between specialists who don’t listen to you, speak to each other, research your problems or diagnose you properly. A navigator can help when you feel overwhelmed by information overload or the administrative and insurance burdens of managing your illness.  A navigator is dedicated to coordinating your medical care, getting you the help you need and working with your family.   A navigator overcomes obstacles to your care and finds the resources you need. Your navigator is your medical mentor and guide.

Medical/Clinical Advocacy

Our Medical Director Karen Zorrilla, M.D. will lead your medical advocacy team.  Dr. Zorrilla specializes in medical and medication records review, in-depth clinical research and differential diagnosis research. She works with patients with complicated medical histories who have had trouble finding the right diagnosis and doctors. Dr. Zorrilla’s concise medical summaries have been praised by many physicians because they capture in one document what might otherwise be buried in hundreds of pages of medical records. She is joined by our Director of Medical Research Dave Schlosser who produces detailed, well-sourced research reports and clinical trial searches to help our clients understand their condition, assess their options and make good decisions.

We do not diagnose or treat illness.  We investigate clinical resources and provide you with information for your medical team.

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Before/After Hours – A 35% fee surcharge for before/after hours or weekend Services will apply.

Are You More of a Do-It-Yourselfer?

The Patient Navigator Medical Planner is the one thing you’ll need to organize your medical care.

Designed by a physician who journeyed with her husband through his brain tumor, this is the notebook you will carry to every appointment so that you are always prepared.

No matter what type of medical challenge you face,  a planner is a simple, inexpensive and invaluable tool to help find relevant information quickly and conveniently.

With our planner, you will never feel unprepared or unorganized again.

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Medical Planner
Medical Planner

Physican-designed notebook to organize and manage your health care, medical records and contacts. Price includes shipping.

We use the secure Navigation Tracker case management system (which we designed) to track your time and manage your account.

Alternate payment options may be available. We offer a sliding scale. Please inquire if you need assistance.