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Advice that we got in our initial consultation and follow up emails supported a ruling that reinstated our insurance – more than $200,000 value!

SusanPacific Palisades, CA

I had a wonderful experience working with Elisabeth and Patient Navigator. I had been spending hours of my own time researching Medicare and private insurance options for my mom and kept ending up more and more confused. Working with Elisabeth allowed me to ask and get answers to the complicated questions and have a knowledgeable resource to intelligently guide me through the process. It gave me a lot of peace of mind and relieved stress in an already difficult situation. Highly recommended!

AprilFalls Church, VA

Patient Navigator was a big help with my friend who has MS. She is suffering physically and financially, and they helped us find resources that may help her.

SherriPortland, OR

Words cannot express how fortunate we are that we hired Patient Navigator to advocate on our behalf in dealing with a denial of medical service for our daughter who has Asperger. They were well organized, professional, familiar with medical insurance policies and guidelines, and dedicated in providing the best advice and information possible to ensure a successful outcome. They showed compassion in their work and for our family, they truly cared. Our daughter is being treated at the right hospital now, and she wouldn’t be if not for Patient Navigator’s help.

MikeSouth Riding, VA

My experience has been excellent. They came back with a full proposal filled with recommendations of how to address my health issue. The follow-up has also been prompt and thoughtful. I truly appreciated all the assistance they provided.

JanetLake Oswego, OR

A friend led me to Elisabeth Russell’s website. Elisabeth was professional and personable when we spoke on the phone. My question concerned Choroidal Neo Vascularization, CNV, secondary to pathological myopia. I wondered if research was being done somewhere in the world that might help save my daughter’s eyesight. My answer came in the form of an email from a professional in the United Arab Emirates. Although there is no treatment other than what my daughter receives in the U.S., this type of global connection is invaluable. I will certainly recommend Elisabeth Russell to anyone I know who needs medical guidance. Her concern for our predicament proved her work is not strictly professional, but personal, as well.

KarenWinslow, AZ

Our daughter has chronic pain. Patient Navigators were very thorough and responsive in an attempt to help figure out the puzzle that is our daughter’s pain.

JudiBowie, MD

I’ve worked with Elisabeth and her staff on two separate occasions for different chronic pain issues. I found Elisabeth to be extremely knowledgable and helpful in researching and providing information to help me make the best health care decision for me. I would definitely recommend her and her company if you need objective advocacy and information to help deal with any health care problem or decision.

MichaelPalm Beach Gardens, FL

Our daughter has been ill for the past four and a half years without a diagnosis. She has very complicated medical conditions and we did not know what to do or who to call next as we had been to many doctors and top clinics and not one could diagnose or help her. We then contacted Patient Navigator and have been working with Dr. Zorilla and she has been extraordinarily helpful in researching symptoms, clinics and physicians,and helping us communicate and getting physicians to listen to us. Dr. Zorilla goes above and beyond to make sure nothing is missed. She is a very compassionate person who has made a difference in our lives. I would highly recommend Patient Navigator and Dr. Zorilla very highly.

LindaChardon, NE

I contacted Elisabeth Russell after my mother was diagnosed with a very rare GI disease and was in ICU getting worse. Doctors were not listening to me or giving an adequate level of care because they didn’t understand this rare diagnosis. Continuing to get worse, I was frantic and wouldn’t leave her side and really barely had time to research myself to find specialist. I was frantic and within 12 hours, Elisabeth already had more information about this rare disease then any doctor had for weeks. I was able to use it to prove that they needed to work harder, contact other specialist or move her. The information and help was priceless. These are real people and doctors who truly cared and were everything our medical system lacks! I will use them again if ever needed.

GinaAuburn, CA