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After months and months of being lost, with poor health, not knowing how to help myself, my mother helped me and I visited doctors. But I needed someone who was more familiar with my ailment. Elisabeth Russell has provided me with extremely powerful tools and guidance to a series of programs and doctors. I am in debt. Thank you.

AnnetteTemecula, CA

Advice that we got in our initial consultation and follow up emails supported a ruling that reinstated our insurance – more than $200,000 value!

SusanPacific Palisades, CA

Not only is Elisabeth extremely knowledgeable and well-versed in dealing with insurance companies and denials of coverage, but she is a wonderful resource and support system for so much more. Elisabeth helped me through a very difficult time dealing with our insurance company denying coverage for my 16 year old son at a residential treatment program. He was far too ill to be removed and thanks to Elisabeth’s assistance and expert guidance, the denial was ultimately overturned. I would highly recommend Elisabeth to anyone dealing with the unfortunate and very stressful situation of encountering insurance denials for yourself or a loved one.

KarenOakton, VA

I was pleased with the work of my navigators.They were very good to keep in communication with me during the process.They were able to access and ask questions to providers that would have been difficult for me to do. They were very accommodating when I would make changes to my original requests.I would certainly recommend them.

NancyBogart, GA

I have insurance through my work (which I assumed was the primary) and also private insurance (which I assumed was secondary). A year or so ago I started getting thousands of dollars worth of bills from my doctors going back a couple of years. Turns out the insurance company I thought was the primary decided it was the secondary and took all the money back it had paid out to doctors. The secondary (now the primary) refused to pay. I was so overwhelmed and stressed I became paralyzed and couldn’t do anything. I called Patient Navigator and Debora Harvey took over. She had the patience and finesse needed to deal with insurance companies, which I do not. She communicated with the 2 insurance companies and worked everything out. I thought I could breathe again. Except, now there is Obamacare? God help us all. I thought I was safe but apparently not. I’m being told by my now primary that my insurance is going to be canceled and I need to get a new policy because of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Guess what? I’m hiring Patient Navigator again to deal with this mess as well!

NancyGreat Falls, VA

My husband needs elective surgery which could potentially keep him out of work for a number of months. Based on the start date of his short-term disability insurance, we had questions about whether this would be considered a pre-existing condition and not covered. I needed to gather information from the insurance company. However, I was concerned that I might say the wrong thing and jeopardize his disability benefits. The representatives from Patient Navigator contacted the insurance company directly, gathered the needed information confidentially, and provided guidance to us on what our options were in timing the surgery. Elisabeth Russell and her team have been an invaluable resource in helping us make informed decisions regarding my husband’s care.

AmyHatfield, OR

Prompt, attentive, supportive, insightful, compassionate, resourceful, tenacious. Encouraging, realistic, gets the bigger issues in life. Able to help me try to figure out and navigate through our nation’s murky healthcare system.

NaomiLouisville, KY

Elisabeth Russell’s ability to navigate the complex and frustrating medical system is a literal life saver. Many months ago, too physically ill from a history of digestive challenges and multiple surgeries and too mentally overwhelmed to sort out the necessary steps required by our health system to obtain care, I gave up. I gave up hope of ever finding relief of the physical pain or ever improving my health condition. I contacted Elisabeth Russell of Patient Navigator as a desperate attempt for assistance. It worked. Due to Ms. Russell’s passionate dedication and deliberate action, I am now getting the lifesaving treatments I need. Hope restored. Thank you Patient Navigator for your time, persistance, “know how” and most of all your compassion.

AmirraScottsdale, AZ

Our daughter has chronic pain. Patient Navigators were very thorough and responsive in an attempt to help figure out the puzzle that is our daughter’s pain.

JudiBowie, MD

I contacted Patient Navigator shortly after my mother was diagnosed with dementia. The learning curve felt very steep, and I was looking for guidance and assistance from a knowledgeable professional who’d been through the process before. Elisabeth at Patient Navigator helped me tremendously; she supplied me with practical advice, resources, and referrals. But, perhaps more importantly, she gave me confidence and assurance that I was doing everything possible to help my mom. Thank you, Patient Navigator!

HelenManhattan Beach, CA