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I found Patient Navigators through a magazine article. After calling and setting up an account, I was introduce to Dr. Karen Zorilla who became a professional researcher on my behalf. She contacted physicians and universities all over the US as well as in Europe, searched data bases, read countless cutting edge research papers and articles and ultimately found a hopeful treatment for me available in Europe. She was much more than a navigator. She was an advocate and in the end a specialist working on my behalf. Thank you Elizabeth and Karen.

LindaAlbuquerque, NM

Our daughter has chronic pain. Patient Navigators were very thorough and responsive in an attempt to help figure out the puzzle that is our daughter’s pain.

JudiBowie, MD

My health insurance was cancelled without valid reasons and Elisabeth began by assisting me with that injustice. However, I suffered a serious injury that led to my hospitalization, surgery on both feet and amputation of one of my great toes. The invoices from the hospital and doctors, both during and after hospitalization, combined came close to $50,000. Elisabeth handled negotiations quickly, professionally and forcefully resulting in a 50% discount across the board that I had failed to obtain. I was forced to put those charges on a credit card. Fortunately, as my financial situation reached the breaking point, my Social Security disability claim was suddenly and retroactively approved. Elizabeth’s help and expert knowledge with getting my Medicare benefits coverage into effect was indispensable. She also helped me to have the effective date of my Medicare Part B benefits moved back to cover my outpatient charges. I would never have known that was even an option without Elisabeth’s knowledge and experience. She has saved me tens of thousands of dollars and most importantly, she provided wonderful personal support and empathy as I struggled to not only heal from my injuries and surgeries but to also deal with my providers. Her support greatly enhanced my self esteem and confidence. I recommend, no, I strongly encourage you to contact her at the earliest possible opportunity if you or a loved one faces challenging medical treatment or billing issues.

StephenDamascus, MD

Not only is Elisabeth extremely knowledgeable and well-versed in dealing with insurance companies and denials of coverage, but she is a wonderful resource and support system for so much more. Elisabeth helped me through a very difficult time dealing with our insurance company denying coverage for my 16 year old son at a residential treatment program. He was far too ill to be removed and thanks to Elisabeth’s assistance and expert guidance, the denial was ultimately overturned. I would highly recommend Elisabeth to anyone dealing with the unfortunate and very stressful situation of encountering insurance denials for yourself or a loved one.

KarenOakton, VA

Prompt, attentive, supportive, insightful, compassionate, resourceful, tenacious. Encouraging, realistic, gets the bigger issues in life. Able to help me try to figure out and navigate through our nation’s murky healthcare system.

NaomiLouisville, KY

Debora has been indispensable in my healthcare struggles. Most remarkably, she successfully spearheaded what seemed like a hopeless insurance appeal worth 10’s of 1000’s of dollars. I enthusiastically recommend having this tenacious and reliable professional in your corner.

NikolaiNew Brunswick, NJ

Ms. Russell and her assistant were very helpful to me. They listened well to my needs and tailored an approach to put me in touch with healthcare providers who specialize in the treatment I am looking for. I would definitely use their service again.

MaurieOviedo, FL

Elisabeth and her colleagues have been a huge help during my 5 year journey with advanced breast cancer. They are professional and empathetic and have helped me find specialists and treatment options. They also send me updates on information they find about relevant medication/treatment. I will continue to work with them until the cure is found.

KarenAlexandria, VA

I contacted Patient Navigator shortly after my mother was diagnosed with dementia. The learning curve felt very steep, and I was looking for guidance and assistance from a knowledgeable professional who’d been through the process before. Elisabeth at Patient Navigator helped me tremendously; she supplied me with practical advice, resources, and referrals. But, perhaps more importantly, she gave me confidence and assurance that I was doing everything possible to help my mom. Thank you, Patient Navigator!

HelenManhattan Beach, CA

I had a wonderful experience working with Elisabeth and Patient Navigator. I had been spending hours of my own time researching Medicare and private insurance options for my mom and kept ending up more and more confused. Working with Elisabeth allowed me to ask and get answers to the complicated questions and have a knowledgeable resource to intelligently guide me through the process. It gave me a lot of peace of mind and relieved stress in an already difficult situation. Highly recommended!

AprilFalls Church, VA