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Elisabeth and her colleagues have been a huge help during my 5 year journey with advanced breast cancer. They are professional and empathetic and have helped me find specialists and treatment options. They also send me updates on information they find about relevant medication/treatment. I will continue to work with them until the cure is found.

KarenAlexandria, VA

Ms. Russell and her assistant were very helpful to me. They listened well to my needs and tailored an approach to put me in touch with healthcare providers who specialize in the treatment I am looking for. I would definitely use their service again.

MaurieOviedo, FL

Debora has been the rock, the advocate, the “bad guy” the facilitator, the geriatric care guru, the referee, the advisor, the closer, the dig in and get it done, the hand holder, the compassionate voice, the technical expert on cancer, trails, treatments and most of all a caring sole who has truly honestly watched over my elderly parents, with honesty and interest.

MegFalls Church, VA

My health insurance was cancelled without valid reasons and Elisabeth began by assisting me with that injustice. However, I suffered a serious injury that led to my hospitalization, surgery on both feet and amputation of one of my great toes. The invoices from the hospital and doctors, both during and after hospitalization, combined came close to $50,000. Elisabeth handled negotiations quickly, professionally and forcefully resulting in a 50% discount across the board that I had failed to obtain. I was forced to put those charges on a credit card. Fortunately, as my financial situation reached the breaking point, my Social Security disability claim was suddenly and retroactively approved. Elizabeth’s help and expert knowledge with getting my Medicare benefits coverage into effect was indispensable. She also helped me to have the effective date of my Medicare Part B benefits moved back to cover my outpatient charges. I would never have known that was even an option without Elisabeth’s knowledge and experience. She has saved me tens of thousands of dollars and most importantly, she provided wonderful personal support and empathy as I struggled to not only heal from my injuries and surgeries but to also deal with my providers. Her support greatly enhanced my self esteem and confidence. I recommend, no, I strongly encourage you to contact her at the earliest possible opportunity if you or a loved one faces challenging medical treatment or billing issues.

StephenDamascus, MD

I have insurance through my work (which I assumed was the primary) and also private insurance (which I assumed was secondary). A year or so ago I started getting thousands of dollars worth of bills from my doctors going back a couple of years. Turns out the insurance company I thought was the primary decided it was the secondary and took all the money back it had paid out to doctors. The secondary (now the primary) refused to pay. I was so overwhelmed and stressed I became paralyzed and couldn’t do anything. I called Patient Navigator and Debora Harvey took over. She had the patience and finesse needed to deal with insurance companies, which I do not. She communicated with the 2 insurance companies and worked everything out. I thought I could breathe again. Except, now there is Obamacare? God help us all. I thought I was safe but apparently not. I’m being told by my now primary that my insurance is going to be canceled and I need to get a new policy because of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Guess what? I’m hiring Patient Navigator again to deal with this mess as well!

NancyGreat Falls, VA

Ms Russell has been an invaluable support and resource is getting me through the tangles of the American health care system. She was there for me when a chronic painful illness had me worn out and unable to stand up for myself. Her team tackled the tedious tasks, like dealing with my insurance company. They have been holding my hand and keeping my head above water. I highly recommend their services for any of your health care needs.

JoyBaltimore, MD

My experience has been excellent. They came back with a full proposal filled with recommendations of how to address my health issue. The follow-up has also been prompt and thoughtful. I truly appreciated all the assistance they provided.

JanetLake Oswego, OR

In the case of the injury of my wife, I contacted Elisabeth Russell from Patient Navigator for help in dealing with the insurance company, the nursing home, and other medical suppliers. Elisabeth has been extremely helpful to us via her understanding of the claim and appeal processes, contacts with various organizations and doctors, obtaining relevant documentation, and negotiating pricing and special request. All of this for a very reasonable fee. I will use her services in the future as needed.

MosheHastings-Hudson, NY

A friend led me to Elisabeth Russell’s website. Elisabeth was professional and personable when we spoke on the phone. My question concerned Choroidal Neo Vascularization, CNV, secondary to pathological myopia. I wondered if research was being done somewhere in the world that might help save my daughter’s eyesight. My answer came in the form of an email from a professional in the United Arab Emirates. Although there is no treatment other than what my daughter receives in the U.S., this type of global connection is invaluable. I will certainly recommend Elisabeth Russell to anyone I know who needs medical guidance. Her concern for our predicament proved her work is not strictly professional, but personal, as well.

KarenWinslow, AZ

Dr. Karen Zorrilla was incredibly helpful in sorting through innumerable tests my daughter had received through various doctors and putting them together in a coherent fashion. Importantly, she confirmed my concerns over her condition and the need for medical attention. These had been hard to elicit from her various specialists, each of whom was seeing only one piece of the picture. The experience has allowed me to become a much better and articulate medical advocate. Having Karen in my corner was a great blessing under very trying circumstances. I was also very impressed that Elisabeth Russell was very up to date on the particulars of my daughter’s case; she genuinely cares about each individual case AdvoConnection deals with.

NorahWashington, D.C.