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A friend led me to Elisabeth Russell’s website. Elisabeth was professional and personable when we spoke on the phone. My question concerned Choroidal Neo Vascularization, CNV, secondary to pathological myopia. I wondered if research was being done somewhere in the world that might help save my daughter’s eyesight. My answer came in the form of an email from a professional in the United Arab Emirates. Although there is no treatment other than what my daughter receives in the U.S., this type of global connection is invaluable. I will certainly recommend Elisabeth Russell to anyone I know who needs medical guidance. Her concern for our predicament proved her work is not strictly professional, but personal, as well.

KarenWinslow, AZ

I needed to find a Medigap Plan and drug plan after I lost private insurance through retirement. Ms Russell guided me through the various options, and with her help I made considered choices. Without her help I would have been guided only by the promotions of the companies themselves and left to guessing which was best for me. Ms Russell was a great help.

FrankRockville, MD

Dr. Karen Zorrilla was incredibly helpful in sorting through innumerable tests my daughter had received through various doctors and putting them together in a coherent fashion. Importantly, she confirmed my concerns over her condition and the need for medical attention. These had been hard to elicit from her various specialists, each of whom was seeing only one piece of the picture. The experience has allowed me to become a much better and articulate medical advocate. Having Karen in my corner was a great blessing under very trying circumstances. I was also very impressed that Elisabeth Russell was very up to date on the particulars of my daughter’s case; she genuinely cares about each individual case AdvoConnection deals with.

NorahWashington, D.C.

Elisabeth and her team have been invaluable to me and my family. Not only did she help us navigate proper care for my wife during her latest siege of chemotherapy, but she has helped me understand the complexities of getting properly covered by applicable insurance–Medicare, Medigap, prescription D, etc. etc. which had been seriously messed up. Thanks to Elisabeth, we are now on the right track on any number of fronts. I highly recommend her and her team to any and all facing difficult medical decisions.

JonathonWashington, D.C.

My health insurance was cancelled without valid reasons and Elisabeth began by assisting me with that injustice. However, I suffered a serious injury that led to my hospitalization, surgery on both feet and amputation of one of my great toes. The invoices from the hospital and doctors, both during and after hospitalization, combined came close to $50,000. Elisabeth handled negotiations quickly, professionally and forcefully resulting in a 50% discount across the board that I had failed to obtain. I was forced to put those charges on a credit card. Fortunately, as my financial situation reached the breaking point, my Social Security disability claim was suddenly and retroactively approved. Elizabeth’s help and expert knowledge with getting my Medicare benefits coverage into effect was indispensable. She also helped me to have the effective date of my Medicare Part B benefits moved back to cover my outpatient charges. I would never have known that was even an option without Elisabeth’s knowledge and experience. She has saved me tens of thousands of dollars and most importantly, she provided wonderful personal support and empathy as I struggled to not only heal from my injuries and surgeries but to also deal with my providers. Her support greatly enhanced my self esteem and confidence. I recommend, no, I strongly encourage you to contact her at the earliest possible opportunity if you or a loved one faces challenging medical treatment or billing issues.

StephenDamascus, MD

Words cannot express how fortunate we are that we hired Patient Navigator to advocate on our behalf in dealing with a denial of medical service for our daughter who has Asperger. They were well organized, professional, familiar with medical insurance policies and guidelines, and dedicated in providing the best advice and information possible to ensure a successful outcome. They showed compassion in their work and for our family, they truly cared. Our daughter is being treated at the right hospital now, and she wouldn’t be if not for Patient Navigator’s help.

MikeSouth Riding, VA

I had a wonderful experience working with Elisabeth and Patient Navigator. I had been spending hours of my own time researching Medicare and private insurance options for my mom and kept ending up more and more confused. Working with Elisabeth allowed me to ask and get answers to the complicated questions and have a knowledgeable resource to intelligently guide me through the process. It gave me a lot of peace of mind and relieved stress in an already difficult situation. Highly recommended!

AprilFalls Church, VA

Elisabeth Russell’s ability to navigate the complex and frustrating medical system is a literal life saver. Many months ago, too physically ill from a history of digestive challenges and multiple surgeries and too mentally overwhelmed to sort out the necessary steps required by our health system to obtain care, I gave up. I gave up hope of ever finding relief of the physical pain or ever improving my health condition. I contacted Elisabeth Russell of Patient Navigator as a desperate attempt for assistance. It worked. Due to Ms. Russell’s passionate dedication and deliberate action, I am now getting the lifesaving treatments I need. Hope restored. Thank you Patient Navigator for your time, persistance, “know how” and most of all your compassion.

AmirraScottsdale, AZ

My only regret in working with Elisabeth Russell and Karen Zorrilla with Patient Navigators is that I did not find them sooner. It was an answer to prayer to find such knowledgeable, compassionate, articulate, hard working individuals who far surpassed any hope or expectation in every phase of working with them. My daughter ‘s long complicated health history was summarized, analyzed & researched. Dr. Zorrila’s knowledge, wisdom,tireless efforts and expertise provided us with a foundation to make informed choices that we could not have made on our own and I believe resulted in better health care for our daughter. I especially appreciated her help in communicating with other physicians who were impressed with her knowledge and attention to detail. At the same time Dr. Zorrilla’s “mother’s heart” comforted the heart of this mother throughout a very difficult health journey for my daughter. I am sincerely, forever grateful. Thank you Dr. Zorrilla Patient Navigators!

JoyceRehoboth, DE

Elisabeth and her colleagues have been a huge help during my 5 year journey with advanced breast cancer. They are professional and empathetic and have helped me find specialists and treatment options. They also send me updates on information they find about relevant medication/treatment. I will continue to work with them until the cure is found.

KarenAlexandria, VA